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Front Room Gallery Alan Peascod Artist of Exceptional Talent

This full colour, 112 page book is for all potters and ceramic artists no matter what is their specialty.

Woodfired ceramics is a growing interest in the field of visual art. Owen Rye, a respected and well-known practitioner of woodfiring discusses his perspective on the background of the art, its technical aspects and the aesthetic possibilities that woodfired ceramics can express. It is intended to encourage the interest of artists and those who collect their work.

The book illustrates the work of more than 24 ceramic artists who are scattered throughout Australia. They are passionate about their work and own and fire kilns built in a variety of styles. The project began with an exhibition of woodfired ceramics held at The Front Room in Gulgong, NSW and will travel in Australia during 2011. The artists have provided statements of intent which appear beside their work, explaining why they are working in this genre to produce objects of beauty and meaning. “This book is highly recommended to anyone interested in woodfiring, both makers and collletors, and its market should not be limited by geographical boundaries” Gail Nicols, The Log Book, 47, 2011.

This book will prove a valuable resource for all artists who work with clay and will be highly regarded by librarians, teachers and students of art.


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