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Mansfield Press has released three exciting, full colour publications.

The first celebrates the life of one of Australia’s finest and best known ceramic artists, Alan Peascod.  Appropriately entitled, Alan Peascod, Artist of Exceptional Talent, this book is a rich record, both literally and visually, of Peascod’s unique style and genius.

In 2011 Mansfield Press released The Art of Woodfire - A Contemporary Ceramics Practice. Well-known Australian ceramicist Owen Rye looks at the history of woodfiring in Australia, and the aesthetic and technical choices needed when woodfiring. More than 25 woodfiring potters’ and artists’ works are included in the book.

In December 2011 Mansfield Press released The Intriguing Vision of SYLVIA HYMAN Trompe l’Oeil Ceramic Artist.  Editor Janet Mansfield brings together essays written on this amazing artist’s lifelike ceramic art.  The book includes a bonus DVD of Sylvia Hyman’s life and work.

If you are interested in any of these publications please contact us for further information.

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